Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mirror Mirror On the Wall...or fireplace...or table...or

When it comes to decorating, there's nothing easier than using a mirror to add light, depth, and interest to a space.  Here are some designer notes on using mirrors in your home.

Mirrors create light and depth in any space:  think of it as a window that you can move and place in the perfect place.

available at Honeysuckle
another Honeysuckle mirror

Try something new with your mirror:  look at how it fills a dark fireplace in the off-season or as an alternative to a fire.  Instead of hanging a mirror, try leaning it on a wall for a more casual look. You could even try using a mirror as a tray on a counter, coffee table, nightstand, or dining table.

Check the mirror before you go:  any room could use a mirror, but it is a must in the foyer or entryway.  Does yours have one?

great for a small space or next to a table lamp

our hallway

Get the glow:  use mirrors in a dining room to create warmth and romance.  Since dining rooms often lack light, a mirror placed with candles can create an elegant glow.

Mirrors are art:  try grouping multiple mirrors on the same wall, like art.  Pay attention to the scale and style; they should be consistent.  For example, don’t hang a small mirror on a large wall.  Also look for interesting shapes and frame designs. 

look at the eclectic mix on this dark wall-so dramatic!

Honeysuckle mirrors

Reflect the outdoors:  hang a mirror so that it reflects a nearby window.  If there aren’t windows in the room, try hanging it to reflect a favorite spot in the room:  a piece of art, or a distinctive lamp.

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