Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Coastal Style at Home

We can't help but love seaside decor.  Living near the Chesapeake does that to you-adds a sense of whimsicality and relaxed charm to your style!

These local watercolors remind us of what a treasure our history is!

Small pops of coastal decorating can freshen up your space and remind you that Chesapeake living is about history, charm, and easy living!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Storage in store at Little Honeys

We love helping clients find the perfect pieces for their children's spaces.  Check out the secret storage under this adorable table!

Speaking of storage, we love this bench for a mudroom!  It is a quick hideaway for the kids' backpacks!

These gorgeous pieces offer versatile and ample storage for a growing child.

A white finish offers a feminine touch to such a large piece!  We love the two small drawers up top-they punctuate the dresser and are practical for small pieces.

We cherish pieces that function both now and later.  This changing table easily converts to a small dresser (though we'd love to see it double as a bar for deserving parents-ha!). 

Sweet saving to you!