Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fall Mantels

It's the end of August and I'm feeling a little anxious about fall.  I love the weather, the colors, and breaking out sweaters and boots, but I know that in a few short weeks I'll be longing for the lazy days of summer.  Something that always keeps me cheerful in autumn is a pretty fall mantel.  I'm gathering ideas and pieces to decorate the mantel, which in our house, is truly the center of our home.  Here are some inspirations for decorating a fall mantel.

I am usually not a symmetrical decorator, but this, I love.  The weathered blue frame also puts a fresh spin on fall colors.  I never thought of pairing the blue with greens and oranges, but this definitely works.

Here's another mantel that works with blue and orange.  Again, the symmetry makes it simple and clean.

Burlap is definitely my favorite texture of the season.  I love how this burlap garland weaves in and out of the pieces on this mantel.  Smashing!

Speaking of texture, its is amazing how easily a ball of twine turns your every day goods into special treasures.  This acorn-filled mason jar adds a touch of whimsy to the mantel.

I'm all about grouping and layers for fall.  Of course natural elements are key for fall decor, and these apples are so fun.

Purple seems to pop up year after year in fall styles.  This mantel mixes elements like leaves, brass, glass, and wood to create color and texture.  I plan on using fresh cuttings from our yard this year.

This silhouette pumpkin is so unexpected and charming!  Candle light is a perfect match for fall decor; I'm going to try mixing candle sizes and colors.

Here's another clean and simple mantel that incorporates fresh cuttings.

These mini pumpkins mixed with seashells and starfish make for a great coastal mantel.  Here again we see the mixing of natural elements in an unexpected way.

Have you started preparing your mantel for fall?  From topiaries and vases to candleholders and mirrors, Honeysuckle Quality Consignment has a host of items to give your fall mantel charm. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Your Fall Closet, Part II

Okay, so the closet is clean and ready for fall and winter to move in?  Okay, so maybe not.  But at least you're thinking about it, right?  Right.  

Fall styles are already out in full force.  The 917 page September Vogue is out and after reading it, you might be in shock like I was.  Can we say 80's?  

Cosby-style sweaters, shoulder pads, and some serious color were all over the runways.  Don't get me wrong, Claire Huxtable was gorgeous, but let's see if we can make sense of it all.  Here are some favorites from the runway that I picked out at Honeysuckle.  These are fashion's must-haves for your fall and winter wardrobe.

Color, color, color!  Maybe you're not into color-blocking, but bringing brights into your fall closet is a must this season.  Hot colors:  cobalt blue, tangerine, chartreuse, and jewel tone colors.

Heavy fabrics such as the brocade on this beautiful dress coat were all over the runways.  

Structured jackets and (yikes!) shoulder pads are big for fall.  Just can't bring yourself to sport a shoulder pad?  Try military-inspired jackets and tops for the same structured look without the Dynasty drama. This one has a cobalt-blue lining and waist-cinching belt.

Yes, florals are carrying over to fall in a big way, like in this tailored jacket.  From hats to tops and pants and all the way to shoes, florals are another must-have this coming season.  This looks so feminine paired a cotton and lace top.

Oxblood red is perhaps my favorite trend for fall and winter.  I picked up this Banana Republic sweater at the shop and can't wait to wear it with some skinny corduroys and boots!  Oxblood red is "the new black" this fall, as the color was all over the runways in the form of coats, pants, and tops.

Add a little Madonna to your wardrobe:  lace is back!  Lace, along with brocade, is so classic and I love that I'll be able to wear this look for years.  

Floral-print pumps.  Aren't these pretty!?  These Anne Klein pumps are ADORABLE and would look so chic with another fall hit- black tuxedo pants- or even a red dress.  

Finally, feminine draped fashion made a bold statement for fall.  Whether with a skirt like this floral print, a scarf, or even a draped neckline, try to mix a draped piece into your wardrobe.  

So those are my my favorite pieces for the upcoming season.  Others include cozy knit sweaters, statement collars, and head to toe pattern.  Yes, looking at the dramatic styles on the runway can be a bit intimidating, 

but if you stick to the basics, like colors, fabrics, and lines, it is easy to make it work for your everyday life.

Photos 2 through 9 taken at Honeysuckle Consignment

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Your Fall Closet, Part I

Break out those scarves!  A towel bar on the back of your closet door
is an easy way to display your scarves

So, yes, it is already that time of year.  Honeysuckle is already accepting fall transitional pieces as we head for the end of the summer.  And yes, we all need to start weeding through our closets and pulling out our fall pieces to take inventory of what to keep and what to toss.  Before you begin purchasing clothes for fall, take an afternoon or evening to get ready for your fall wardrobe by cleaning out your closet.

Pare it down:  keep only current-season clothing in your closet; put the rest in labeled storage containers.  While you’re pulling out your seasonal clothes, take this time to pare down your clothes.  Here are three ways to go about it: 

1.  Try on everything in your closet.  Make 3 piles:  keep, donate, and consign.   OR 
2.  Don’t have time to try on everything in your closet?  Then during the season, create a “worn” pile or section in your closet.  At the end of the season, you’ll know which items to keep and which items to consign.   OR
3.  Make a list.  This speeds things up.  Write a list of everything in your closet.  Look at the list to determine your favorites; when you remove an item, refer to your list.

Ask yourself, “do I love it?”  If the answer is “no” it has to go.

Love it?  Keep it!

Consign!  Knowing your tossed clothes will bring you some money will make it much MUCH easier.  Plus, consigning your clothes at a shop is so easy.  Simply make an appointment and the shop does all of the pricing, selling, and lovely check-writing for you.  Don’t have a consignment shop nearby?  Consider a charity for your clothes; you’ll get that same satisfaction knowing someone else will benefit from your clothes. 

Invest:  Ladies, those wire hangers are terrible for your clothes.  Use wooden or heavy plastic hangers.  They will last you a lifetime and your clothes will thank you.

Organize:  create zones in your closet based on how you think.  For example, a working mom may have different zones than say a stay-at-home mom.  Then, within each zone, organize by color.  The color spectrum, ROYGBIV (Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet) is an easy way to remember the order.

Creating "clusters" in your closet makes outfitting easy.

Don’t fantasize.  Ha!  If you bought it because it is beautiful but you NEVER wear it, sell it girlfriend.  Buy clothes that fit your lifestyle. 

Don’t buy the same item over and over.  Yes, you look fabulous in a white button-down, but how many do you need?  Take inventory (or refer to your list) of what you have and then make a list of items you may need.

Speaking of what you need, our next post will be a look at this fall's must-haves.  Now, get to work on that closet!

Adam Glassman from