Thursday, October 25, 2012

armoires and entertainment centers

Honeysuckle consignors often bring in entertainment centers and armoires that no longer fit their spaces or design concepts.  Isn't this one beautiful!?

I'm such a sucker for these big, beautiful pieces, but my home has mounted televisions so we don't have a use for them...or do we?  I looked to the web to find some design inspiration so that next time I see one I love, I'll know how I can repurpose it for my home!
This craft center makes me smile!  It is just perfect for hiding away those bits and pieces that can clutter up a guest room or craft space.  I like how they utilized the sliding drawers that you find in entertainment centers.  Plus, the chord cutouts in the back of most of these armoires make the lighting and sewing machine a perfect fit.
I need a mom-space like this!  I love how they added the pretty fabric and left the wood a natural finish.
So the tv is mounted on the wall-where is everything else?  Look at that little cubby on the left for the remotes!  Store game systems, movies, and magazines.
Hello laundry room!  This armoire tucks everything away for the 2.6 seconds of the week you're NOT doing the laundry.  Ha!  Again-what a great solution for de-cluttering a space and making the laundry room...well, clean!
Keep the kids' crafts tidy
and your accessories handy.
This is perfect for a dorm room or apartment.  I like the trays and baskets for storage and especially love the mirror on the door. 

There are tons of possibilities.  What's possible in your space?



Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Easy as 1-2-3

As you're dusting off your end tables and mantels and making room for seasonal decor, try remembering the number 3 (and sometimes 5).  Odd numbers are visually appealing to the eye and can do wonders for the look of your home.  Be careful, though-having more than 5 accessories on a piece of furniture can become too cluttered and distracting.

 3 pieces of art on a wall or sofa table can create symmetry and balance.

Be sure to use varying sizes and textures with your accessories.

Remember our post on mixing and matching?  Look at how the pop of red with a simple clock and lamp warm up the space.

I love candlesticks!  Anchor them with a third heavier piece for balance.

Finally, just like with textures and sizes, vary the tones in your space with the number 3-in shades and colors.

All photos taken at Honeysuckle Home Quality Consignment Shop