Sunday, April 7, 2013

Prom and Spring Formal Season Fashions

We are thrilled for prom season this year!  This year's hottest looks of bold colors and geometric black and white looks make dressing for prom so FUN!  Young ladies are also looking for unique cuts and strong lines to make themselves stand out from the rest.  Here are some our favorite looks from Honeysuckle!

This stunning blue dress pops and has that extra sparkle detail at the gather top.

Don't leave the arms bare-pick up some pretty stacked bangles that mix color and shine.

We LOVE the mix of animal print and floral in this draping dress.  The bust is to die for with its twist and beaded details.  

For those with darker skin tones, this sheer white dress with butterfly-inspired print and iridescent beading is perfect!  It is fully lined to the knees and then sweeps the floor with a delicate hemline.

This flowing dress would be lovely for a waterfront event.  The blue print and unique cut make it extra special.  

Add some simple rhinestone earrings to compliment the stunning print and lines.  These waterfall earrings echo the water pattern in the fabric.

Finally, we love the fun shape and beading in this salmon dress.  Salmon is such a flattering and appropriate color for a young lady, and coupled with this empire waisted dress, creates a vibrant look for a formal event.

If you're more into this year's more geometric look, opt for a black and white look.  We've always loved this classic style!

This gown loves a girl with curves, and the layers of necklaces adds texture and dimension to the look.

Wear your hair up with this one:  our favorite part of this dress is the bow detail on the back.  So sweet!

The modern lines on this satin mermaid gown are simply stunning!  We also love a white dress for spring, but the black details give this dress a more grown-up look.

The details on this dress make it stand out-we're head over heels for the sophisticated ribbon and bow details the back.

Don't forget to shop for accessories while you're trying on your dress!  It can make all the difference to have it on while you're pairing the right baubles for your event.

We'd love to help outfit you or your daughter for her next big event.  Make a day of it, and stop by the shop to see what is in store.  Make sure the check out our window displays, Designer section, and Formal Wear section to see our full inventory.  And as always-let our staff know what you're looking for-we may have something in the back that hasn't hit the rack yet.  With our lovely selection and Honeysuckle-sweet prices, she can choose her favorite gown for a most memorable evening.