Friday, November 16, 2012

rustic touches

Maybe it is the firewood stacked at the fireplace or the changing leaves.  Maybe it is the ski cabin I’m visiting in January or the smell of the fresh greenery on my front door.  Something about fall and winter brings out the rustic side of me.  In the winter I let my hair go darker, eat bushels of harvest vegetables, and burn cinnamon candles in the kitchen.  I’ll never forget the time I received a gift literally wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string-it was so rustic and nostalgic.  This month, I find myself changing the house around with natural colors and textures like burlap, bronze, and natural wood finishes.  

What a peaceful space!
The juxtaposition of the natural with the shine in the frame and candles makes it so cozy yet polished.

I am also thinking about choosing just the rustic decorations for my holiday home.  Here are some fun finds that I saw at Honeysuckle that remind me that down-to-earth feel I long for this time of year.

I love how the lines on this hutch and buffet flow naturally with the wood grain.  Beautiful!

This rustic table would be perfect in so many spaces.  I would use it as a breakfast table, a work station, a kitchen island, a craft table, or a potter's bench.  

I found this heavy, natural teak chair.  Look at the details on the leg.  

This bronze platter is almost 2 feet wide and so perfect!  Display it on a wall, flat on a coffee table with white candles, or on this stand.  I can't describe how the light played off of its metal.

This iron fireplace screen is both simple and elaborate.  There are spokes on either end for a candle.

This bronze cuff would be so pretty with a simple black or brown dress.  

I like the layers of these rustic necklaces.

These natural elements bring a feeling of warmth through the colder months.  Plus, they're timeless and versatile.  Here's another inspiration room-I love the weathered look against the natural white linens.

Doesn't this make you want to put on an oversized sweater and spruce up your space?  Happy Shopping!