Monday, February 11, 2013

Insider Trading

If you've never shopped at Honeysuckle, or even if you've shopped with us and made it a quick trip, you may not know some of the insider tips that could completely change your shopping experience.  Here are some of those tricks that will keep you coming back for more:

1.  Read the tags:  Our price tags contain much more than price.  For example, our clothing tags include the brand, size, price, and classification (i.e. "high end").  They also often include the material.  Next time you look at a garment or accessory, check the tag:  it'll save you loads of time locating labels.  

2.  Look at the dimensions:  Our furniture tags include the brand, finish, and dimensions.  When you're at home, take down the dimensions of your space or existing furniture and use our tags to determine if the piece you're looking at fits your scale.  Reading our furniture and accessory tags will save you time measuring and also prevent you from having oversized or dwarfed furniture in your space.  

3.  Check the sales:  Each week, Honeysuckle has a sale on specific items, like denim or dresses.  This can save you money on items that you already planned on purchasing.  Check the store website or call to see what items might be on sale that week (it is also posted at the shop on our sale chalkboard).  

4.  Tag sales:  Our shop has a board with rotating tag sales.  Check the board; if you're on the fence about a price, it may help you make an easy decision.  You can't beat 1/2 off!

5.  Finally, ask for help:  Our staff sees everything that comes into the shop and they're experts on pricing.  If you are looking for something specific, we are HAPPY and qualified to help!  If you come in and can't find what you're looking for, ask one of our staff and we can either try to find it for you or make a note and contact you when it comes in.  We are here for you!