Sunday, December 9, 2012

Winter Whites

Gone are the days when you can't wear white after Labor Day.  Even for a stickler like me, wearing white during the cold months is now prettier than ever.  

To make white work in the winter, wear it in heavier fabrics.  The combination of fabrics in this silk dress and faux fur jacket is both luxurious and sophisticated.

These crystal and silver BCBG shoes are a cool ray of light in these dark winter months.

I love this zebra print Loft skirt!  The mix of textures gives your winter whites a "now" feel.

Go head to toe in white this season by adding a punch of color to the mix.  A cranberry necklace polishes off this look.

The exception to the rule?  Wearing white shoes, aside from white boots, is still difficult to pull off for even the savviest fashionista.  Instead, opt for a pop of color like these cranberry velvet pumps or

something like this creamy gold Nine West pair.  They will keep your look fresh and crisp.

 Come in and modernize your wardrobe with some sophisticated winter whites.

Friday, November 16, 2012

rustic touches

Maybe it is the firewood stacked at the fireplace or the changing leaves.  Maybe it is the ski cabin I’m visiting in January or the smell of the fresh greenery on my front door.  Something about fall and winter brings out the rustic side of me.  In the winter I let my hair go darker, eat bushels of harvest vegetables, and burn cinnamon candles in the kitchen.  I’ll never forget the time I received a gift literally wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string-it was so rustic and nostalgic.  This month, I find myself changing the house around with natural colors and textures like burlap, bronze, and natural wood finishes.  

What a peaceful space!
The juxtaposition of the natural with the shine in the frame and candles makes it so cozy yet polished.

I am also thinking about choosing just the rustic decorations for my holiday home.  Here are some fun finds that I saw at Honeysuckle that remind me that down-to-earth feel I long for this time of year.

I love how the lines on this hutch and buffet flow naturally with the wood grain.  Beautiful!

This rustic table would be perfect in so many spaces.  I would use it as a breakfast table, a work station, a kitchen island, a craft table, or a potter's bench.  

I found this heavy, natural teak chair.  Look at the details on the leg.  

This bronze platter is almost 2 feet wide and so perfect!  Display it on a wall, flat on a coffee table with white candles, or on this stand.  I can't describe how the light played off of its metal.

This iron fireplace screen is both simple and elaborate.  There are spokes on either end for a candle.

This bronze cuff would be so pretty with a simple black or brown dress.  

I like the layers of these rustic necklaces.

These natural elements bring a feeling of warmth through the colder months.  Plus, they're timeless and versatile.  Here's another inspiration room-I love the weathered look against the natural white linens.

Doesn't this make you want to put on an oversized sweater and spruce up your space?  Happy Shopping!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

armoires and entertainment centers

Honeysuckle consignors often bring in entertainment centers and armoires that no longer fit their spaces or design concepts.  Isn't this one beautiful!?

I'm such a sucker for these big, beautiful pieces, but my home has mounted televisions so we don't have a use for them...or do we?  I looked to the web to find some design inspiration so that next time I see one I love, I'll know how I can repurpose it for my home!
This craft center makes me smile!  It is just perfect for hiding away those bits and pieces that can clutter up a guest room or craft space.  I like how they utilized the sliding drawers that you find in entertainment centers.  Plus, the chord cutouts in the back of most of these armoires make the lighting and sewing machine a perfect fit.
I need a mom-space like this!  I love how they added the pretty fabric and left the wood a natural finish.
So the tv is mounted on the wall-where is everything else?  Look at that little cubby on the left for the remotes!  Store game systems, movies, and magazines.
Hello laundry room!  This armoire tucks everything away for the 2.6 seconds of the week you're NOT doing the laundry.  Ha!  Again-what a great solution for de-cluttering a space and making the laundry room...well, clean!
Keep the kids' crafts tidy
and your accessories handy.
This is perfect for a dorm room or apartment.  I like the trays and baskets for storage and especially love the mirror on the door. 

There are tons of possibilities.  What's possible in your space?



Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Easy as 1-2-3

As you're dusting off your end tables and mantels and making room for seasonal decor, try remembering the number 3 (and sometimes 5).  Odd numbers are visually appealing to the eye and can do wonders for the look of your home.  Be careful, though-having more than 5 accessories on a piece of furniture can become too cluttered and distracting.

 3 pieces of art on a wall or sofa table can create symmetry and balance.

Be sure to use varying sizes and textures with your accessories.

Remember our post on mixing and matching?  Look at how the pop of red with a simple clock and lamp warm up the space.

I love candlesticks!  Anchor them with a third heavier piece for balance.

Finally, just like with textures and sizes, vary the tones in your space with the number 3-in shades and colors.

All photos taken at Honeysuckle Home Quality Consignment Shop

Thursday, September 20, 2012

mix and match

You can tell that a lot of love went into this space.

I love it when a room tells a story, when it isn’t thrown together in a 5 minute thought at a department store.  Fill your room with little finds that you love!  It will look fabulous and actually mean a lot more to you.  You’ll enjoy being able to pick up that little flower pillow you see on vacation, or that consignment tablecloth that just happens to match the yellow in your curtains.  I love this because when mixed with the right patterns and styles, the old becomes new!

I want to wake up here!  This is so eclectic!

And don’t be afraid to mix your fabrics and patterns.  Just keep a few things in mind when you do:

1.     Find a pattern you LOVE LOVE LOVE and then build the design or room around it.  Even if it something you already have-start with that.

Look how the blue carries through.  The quilt is the inspiration piece.

2.     Use 3 patterns.  3 is a great design number so try to remember it (more on 3 later).
3.     Try large, medium and then small patterns in your design.

Large:  Quilt    Medium:  Polka Dot Pillow    Small:  Paisley Euro Shams
Um, would you have EVER thought those paisley shams would match?  They are perfect!!!

4.     Vary these large, medium and small styles and patterns in the same color (obviously from your inspiration piece).  OR
5.     Unite those styles and patterns with one common color.
6.     Remember scale:  small scale-small room!  Think about the distance from which you’ll be viewing the patterns. 

This is so pretty I want to sink in for a nap!  Note the small patterns on the bed and window for a small cottage guest room.

Honeysuckle carries pillows, bedding, window treatments, linens, and rugs.  Stop in to your local consignment shop from time to time and begin to tell your story. 

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Layers for kids

The kids are back in school and the weather is changing:  cold at the morning bus stop but hot on the afternoon playground.  Layers for the kids are luckily in style and (even luckier) affordable at consignment shops. Here are a few cuties I found at Honeysuckle.

I am loving the coordinated colors.  This is adorable and so comfortable for the classroom.  The pieces are versatile and could be worn throughout fall, winter, and spring. 

This is another great outfit.  A quilted red vest is classic and cheerful.  

This is pretty for school or church.  It would be so precious with a pair of black mary janes.

This is a great jacket for fall or spring and all of its colors make it versatile too.

How sweet is this red coat?  It is made of wool and has a feminine ruffled collar.

Finally, I love a madras jacket for a little Maryland boy. 

So here's to the kids being back in school!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fall Mantels

It's the end of August and I'm feeling a little anxious about fall.  I love the weather, the colors, and breaking out sweaters and boots, but I know that in a few short weeks I'll be longing for the lazy days of summer.  Something that always keeps me cheerful in autumn is a pretty fall mantel.  I'm gathering ideas and pieces to decorate the mantel, which in our house, is truly the center of our home.  Here are some inspirations for decorating a fall mantel.

I am usually not a symmetrical decorator, but this, I love.  The weathered blue frame also puts a fresh spin on fall colors.  I never thought of pairing the blue with greens and oranges, but this definitely works.

Here's another mantel that works with blue and orange.  Again, the symmetry makes it simple and clean.

Burlap is definitely my favorite texture of the season.  I love how this burlap garland weaves in and out of the pieces on this mantel.  Smashing!

Speaking of texture, its is amazing how easily a ball of twine turns your every day goods into special treasures.  This acorn-filled mason jar adds a touch of whimsy to the mantel.

I'm all about grouping and layers for fall.  Of course natural elements are key for fall decor, and these apples are so fun.

Purple seems to pop up year after year in fall styles.  This mantel mixes elements like leaves, brass, glass, and wood to create color and texture.  I plan on using fresh cuttings from our yard this year.

This silhouette pumpkin is so unexpected and charming!  Candle light is a perfect match for fall decor; I'm going to try mixing candle sizes and colors.

Here's another clean and simple mantel that incorporates fresh cuttings.

These mini pumpkins mixed with seashells and starfish make for a great coastal mantel.  Here again we see the mixing of natural elements in an unexpected way.

Have you started preparing your mantel for fall?  From topiaries and vases to candleholders and mirrors, Honeysuckle Quality Consignment has a host of items to give your fall mantel charm.