Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Don't Run from Animal Prints

From bathing suits to ballet flats, we see animal prints year after year on the runways.  Perhaps they seem a little too bold for your everyday outfit?  Or maybe you’re not sure that an animal print is age-appropriate?  Here are some ways to mix the fun of an animal print into anyone’s wardrobe.

1.     Start with an accessory.  If you’re trying animal print for the first time, try sporting a cute leopard print clutch or ballet flat.  An animal-print pump or belt can make your little black dress pop!

lovely with a black or chocolate dress

2.     Pay attention to the fabric.  When going for an animal print garment, opt for a fabric that isn’t shiny. 

this peacock feather print is soft and feminine

3.     Choose a demure cut and neckline.  Look for ¾ length sleeves and higher necklines to make the look both fun and tasteful.

we love the button details and leather trim on this jacket

4.     Pick one print for an outfit.  You’re not headed out on a safari, so don’t risk mixing animal prints.  

adorable hot-pink laptop case for preppy animal-print

5.     Keep it simple.  This is by far the best and easiest advice.  Your animal print makes the statement, so let everything else stay simple and neutral.  

Come to the shop and hunt down a new animal print piece for your wardrobe!

All items pictured in this post are from our shop.  
Fashion advice sources:  thebudgetfashionista.com and instyle.com

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mirror Mirror On the Wall...or fireplace...or table...or

When it comes to decorating, there's nothing easier than using a mirror to add light, depth, and interest to a space.  Here are some designer notes on using mirrors in your home.

Mirrors create light and depth in any space:  think of it as a window that you can move and place in the perfect place.

available at Honeysuckle
another Honeysuckle mirror

Try something new with your mirror:  look at how it fills a dark fireplace in the off-season or as an alternative to a fire.  Instead of hanging a mirror, try leaning it on a wall for a more casual look. You could even try using a mirror as a tray on a counter, coffee table, nightstand, or dining table.

Check the mirror before you go:  any room could use a mirror, but it is a must in the foyer or entryway.  Does yours have one?

great for a small space or next to a table lamp

our hallway

Get the glow:  use mirrors in a dining room to create warmth and romance.  Since dining rooms often lack light, a mirror placed with candles can create an elegant glow.

Mirrors are art:  try grouping multiple mirrors on the same wall, like art.  Pay attention to the scale and style; they should be consistent.  For example, don’t hang a small mirror on a large wall.  Also look for interesting shapes and frame designs. 

look at the eclectic mix on this dark wall-so dramatic!

Honeysuckle mirrors

Reflect the outdoors:  hang a mirror so that it reflects a nearby window.  If there aren’t windows in the room, try hanging it to reflect a favorite spot in the room:  a piece of art, or a distinctive lamp.

We'd love to help you find the perfect mirror for your space!  Come see our wonderful collection!

sources:  hgtv.com, shelterpop.com, and real simple.com

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

6 Consignment Shopping Tips

Want to make the most of our shop?  Here are 6 expert tips for consignment shopping.

designer handbags-a surprise find at consignment shops

1.     Consider the area.  Shopping locally will most likely fit your personal style since inventory comes from the surrounding area.  If you like higher-end classic pieces, it makes sense to shop consignment in a nice neighborhood; if you like trendier, funkier items, try a consignment shop in a college area. 

fabulous bag for the summer with pops of gold

2.     Shop brands you know and like.  Some consignment shops, like Honeysuckle, are particular about their inventory and even separate and showcase popular brands like Lily Pultizer or Dooney and Burke. 

styles and brands organized for shoppers

3.     Know when to shop.  Shopping at the beginning of the week makes sense because people typically clean out their closets over the weekend.  Also shop often because stores receive new inventory daily.  Check out the store’s website or Facebook page to peek at new inventory or sales.

4.     If you love it buy it.  Chances are, there is only one of the item and if you love it, so could someone else. 

stunning table

5.     Inspect carefully.  You may be surprised at how well-cared for consignment inventory is, and that is because shop owners and staff meticulously inspect each item that comes in. However, once in a while someone might make a mistake and miss a scuff or a snag.  Check the weight and material of the item.  Look for heavy handbags and leather belts; silk scarves are also usually in mint condition, as is formalwear that has often only been worn once, if ever at all. 

unique (and often never-worn) finds for special occasions

6.     Shop for an entire season.  Utilize sales and make the most of your visits.  Also, don’t forget holiday outfits, especially for the kids. 

outfit your kids for an entire season

Sources:  parentingsquad.com and womansday.com

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Grouping Your Artwork for a Beautiful Gallery Look

Step into our home store, and you're sure to notice our extensive collection of art, mirrors, and accessories for your walls.  You're also sure to notice how our designers have carefully grouped the art to make choosing special pieces for your home easy.

Find pieces that complement one another in lines and color.

Notice the larger pieces in the center of our displays, with smaller pieces on the perimeter. 

Grouping children's art can be so easy and whimsical, especially in a playroom.

We love these for a home office or library.  Gatsby, anyone?