Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Don't Run from Animal Prints

From bathing suits to ballet flats, we see animal prints year after year on the runways.  Perhaps they seem a little too bold for your everyday outfit?  Or maybe you’re not sure that an animal print is age-appropriate?  Here are some ways to mix the fun of an animal print into anyone’s wardrobe.

1.     Start with an accessory.  If you’re trying animal print for the first time, try sporting a cute leopard print clutch or ballet flat.  An animal-print pump or belt can make your little black dress pop!

lovely with a black or chocolate dress

2.     Pay attention to the fabric.  When going for an animal print garment, opt for a fabric that isn’t shiny. 

this peacock feather print is soft and feminine

3.     Choose a demure cut and neckline.  Look for ¾ length sleeves and higher necklines to make the look both fun and tasteful.

we love the button details and leather trim on this jacket

4.     Pick one print for an outfit.  You’re not headed out on a safari, so don’t risk mixing animal prints.  

adorable hot-pink laptop case for preppy animal-print

5.     Keep it simple.  This is by far the best and easiest advice.  Your animal print makes the statement, so let everything else stay simple and neutral.  

Come to the shop and hunt down a new animal print piece for your wardrobe!

All items pictured in this post are from our shop.  
Fashion advice sources:  thebudgetfashionista.com and instyle.com

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