Wednesday, July 11, 2012

6 Consignment Shopping Tips

Want to make the most of our shop?  Here are 6 expert tips for consignment shopping.

designer handbags-a surprise find at consignment shops

1.     Consider the area.  Shopping locally will most likely fit your personal style since inventory comes from the surrounding area.  If you like higher-end classic pieces, it makes sense to shop consignment in a nice neighborhood; if you like trendier, funkier items, try a consignment shop in a college area. 

fabulous bag for the summer with pops of gold

2.     Shop brands you know and like.  Some consignment shops, like Honeysuckle, are particular about their inventory and even separate and showcase popular brands like Lily Pultizer or Dooney and Burke. 

styles and brands organized for shoppers

3.     Know when to shop.  Shopping at the beginning of the week makes sense because people typically clean out their closets over the weekend.  Also shop often because stores receive new inventory daily.  Check out the store’s website or Facebook page to peek at new inventory or sales.

4.     If you love it buy it.  Chances are, there is only one of the item and if you love it, so could someone else. 

stunning table

5.     Inspect carefully.  You may be surprised at how well-cared for consignment inventory is, and that is because shop owners and staff meticulously inspect each item that comes in. However, once in a while someone might make a mistake and miss a scuff or a snag.  Check the weight and material of the item.  Look for heavy handbags and leather belts; silk scarves are also usually in mint condition, as is formalwear that has often only been worn once, if ever at all. 

unique (and often never-worn) finds for special occasions

6.     Shop for an entire season.  Utilize sales and make the most of your visits.  Also, don’t forget holiday outfits, especially for the kids. 

outfit your kids for an entire season

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