Thursday, September 20, 2012

mix and match

You can tell that a lot of love went into this space.

I love it when a room tells a story, when it isn’t thrown together in a 5 minute thought at a department store.  Fill your room with little finds that you love!  It will look fabulous and actually mean a lot more to you.  You’ll enjoy being able to pick up that little flower pillow you see on vacation, or that consignment tablecloth that just happens to match the yellow in your curtains.  I love this because when mixed with the right patterns and styles, the old becomes new!

I want to wake up here!  This is so eclectic!

And don’t be afraid to mix your fabrics and patterns.  Just keep a few things in mind when you do:

1.     Find a pattern you LOVE LOVE LOVE and then build the design or room around it.  Even if it something you already have-start with that.

Look how the blue carries through.  The quilt is the inspiration piece.

2.     Use 3 patterns.  3 is a great design number so try to remember it (more on 3 later).
3.     Try large, medium and then small patterns in your design.

Large:  Quilt    Medium:  Polka Dot Pillow    Small:  Paisley Euro Shams
Um, would you have EVER thought those paisley shams would match?  They are perfect!!!

4.     Vary these large, medium and small styles and patterns in the same color (obviously from your inspiration piece).  OR
5.     Unite those styles and patterns with one common color.
6.     Remember scale:  small scale-small room!  Think about the distance from which you’ll be viewing the patterns. 

This is so pretty I want to sink in for a nap!  Note the small patterns on the bed and window for a small cottage guest room.

Honeysuckle carries pillows, bedding, window treatments, linens, and rugs.  Stop in to your local consignment shop from time to time and begin to tell your story. 

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