Thursday, August 16, 2012

Your Fall Closet, Part II

Okay, so the closet is clean and ready for fall and winter to move in?  Okay, so maybe not.  But at least you're thinking about it, right?  Right.  

Fall styles are already out in full force.  The 917 page September Vogue is out and after reading it, you might be in shock like I was.  Can we say 80's?  

Cosby-style sweaters, shoulder pads, and some serious color were all over the runways.  Don't get me wrong, Claire Huxtable was gorgeous, but let's see if we can make sense of it all.  Here are some favorites from the runway that I picked out at Honeysuckle.  These are fashion's must-haves for your fall and winter wardrobe.

Color, color, color!  Maybe you're not into color-blocking, but bringing brights into your fall closet is a must this season.  Hot colors:  cobalt blue, tangerine, chartreuse, and jewel tone colors.

Heavy fabrics such as the brocade on this beautiful dress coat were all over the runways.  

Structured jackets and (yikes!) shoulder pads are big for fall.  Just can't bring yourself to sport a shoulder pad?  Try military-inspired jackets and tops for the same structured look without the Dynasty drama. This one has a cobalt-blue lining and waist-cinching belt.

Yes, florals are carrying over to fall in a big way, like in this tailored jacket.  From hats to tops and pants and all the way to shoes, florals are another must-have this coming season.  This looks so feminine paired a cotton and lace top.

Oxblood red is perhaps my favorite trend for fall and winter.  I picked up this Banana Republic sweater at the shop and can't wait to wear it with some skinny corduroys and boots!  Oxblood red is "the new black" this fall, as the color was all over the runways in the form of coats, pants, and tops.

Add a little Madonna to your wardrobe:  lace is back!  Lace, along with brocade, is so classic and I love that I'll be able to wear this look for years.  

Floral-print pumps.  Aren't these pretty!?  These Anne Klein pumps are ADORABLE and would look so chic with another fall hit- black tuxedo pants- or even a red dress.  

Finally, feminine draped fashion made a bold statement for fall.  Whether with a skirt like this floral print, a scarf, or even a draped neckline, try to mix a draped piece into your wardrobe.  

So those are my my favorite pieces for the upcoming season.  Others include cozy knit sweaters, statement collars, and head to toe pattern.  Yes, looking at the dramatic styles on the runway can be a bit intimidating, 

but if you stick to the basics, like colors, fabrics, and lines, it is easy to make it work for your everyday life.

Photos 2 through 9 taken at Honeysuckle Consignment

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