Tuesday, January 1, 2013

5 Easy Tips: Caring for Designer Handbags

Walk into Honeysuckle and you'll notice the extensive collection of designer handbags in excellent condition.  You can tell that their previous owners gently cared for these investment pieces like jewelry.  Pick out your favorite one, take it home, care for it the right way, and you too will have a beautiful bag for years to come.  Here are 5 EASY (but too often forgotten) tips from the pros on how to care for your designer bags.

1.  Store your handbag in a dust cover.  If you can’t find the bag’s dust cover, a breathable pillowcase will work.

2.  When storing your bag, consider
-stuffing it with bubble wrap or plastic bags (paper can attract moths) to maintain its shape
-unbuckling any buckles; this prevents deep buckle marks on the straps
-storing metal or chain parts inside the bag to avoid scratching the leather
-keeping it out of the basement or attic.  These places tend to be damp and this moisture can mildew your bag.

3.  Try using a handbag organizer or a few small cases to avoid soiling the interior of your bag with makeup, pens, or lotions. 

4.  Be careful where you store your bag; the floor of your car, shopping carts, and office desk drawers may have dangers like water, tacks, or sharp metal edges.

5.  Pre-treat, clean, and condition your leather bags.  Remember that the bag is investment and the fine leather should be treated regularly to maintain quality.  Use leather cleaner and conditioners only; household cleaners will damage your leather.

Take care of your designer bags and you'll be rewarded with investment pieces that last a lifetime.

Photos from Honeysuckle Quality Consignment, Arnold MD
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