Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And the winner is...

iPad2 Winner

Karen Owens brought some luck with her to Honeysuckle Quality Consignment last week! She is now the proud owner of a 32-gigabyte iPad 2. Thanks to every one for celebrating a fantastic first 5 years with us and we look forward to celebrating many, many more with you! Congratulations again Karen!

Friday 7/22/11 Birthday Game

Grace Coughlan is the winner of a $15 Honeysuckle Gift Card! She correctly identified the Honeysuckle Scented sachet ("B") from the three options. Congratulations Grace!

Thursday 7/21/11 Birthday Game

Colleen Winans has won a $15 Gift Card! She guessed the correct number of Honeysuckle pens in the glass jar. The answer was "B" 127 pens. Congratulations Colleen!

Wednesday 7/20/11 Birthday Game

Angie Hewitt...knows her Honeysuckle Trivia! She won a $15 gift card for correctly answering Birthday Question #3 which was...How many consignors bring their items to Honeysuckle Quality Consignment? The correct answer was "C" 3,600 - 3,750 people. Congratulations Angie!

Tuesday 7/19/11 Birthday Game

Sam Shelley is a winner! She correctly answered the question: What month did Honeysuckle Home open its doors for business? The answer was "C" August. Congratulations Sam!

Saturday 7/16/11 Birthday Game

Karen Goldman is our first $15 Gift Card winner for correctly answering our first Birthday Trivia Question:

We are thinking of a number between 1 & 10. Guess the number...

...yes, the number was FIVE since we are celebrating our 5th Birthday!

Join us all week for more games & more prizes! Congratulations Karen!

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