Sunday, October 18, 2009

Recessionista Style

The change of season always leaves me wanting to change my surroundings too. But the gloomy economy means my decorating budget just isn't what it used to be. You too? Now is the time to take a harder look at some things you already have and make smart decisions about new additions to your interior. Like the song says, "you've got to reduce, re-use, recylce." Here are some tips on how to update your home's interior, Recessionista Style.


Paint is releatively inexpensive and can make a huge impact on a space. A new coat of paint can even liven up a boring piece of furniture. If you're not feeling brave, pick a warm neutral for the walls and try out one of this year's hot color trends in the form of pillows, throws and accessories.

Reupholstery can really update a sofa or chair and can be worth it if you get a great deal on the piece. New window treatments can also enliven your space. There are lots of inexpensive, simple panel-style drapes available now at retail stores.

A pair of new throw pillows is an inexpensive way to add new life to your existing sofa or chairs.

There are several great on-line resources for designer fabrics at deeply discounted prices. Two of my favorites are Discount Fabrics, and Schindler's Fabrics .


We all have a stash of little-used pieces. Take a look at yours and see if you can utilize what you already have in a new way. If you have glass vases or bowls, place a grouping on a table and fill with lemons or limes. A stack of books is a great way to add interest and a little height to your coffee table - just top them off with a cool paperweight or a silver tray or bowl. Trays are great for everyday decorating too - they can organize magazines on your coffee table or just add interest to a side table.

How about those silver candlesticks you got as a weding gift and never use? Put them to work in a grouping on a side , dining or coffee table. Pretty bowls and containers help dress up your Bathroom and can hold everything from soaps to hand towels to cotton balls. Group like objects or colors for bigger impact.

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  1. Fabric throw pillows are pretty cool and looks classic on sofa..I would like to buy on e of these.